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Morada Eats Appetizers

Prices Vary from $1.5 to $4 per guest


Grilled Bruschetta – from the Italian word bruyere “to char.”

Toppings: shrimp scampi, pesto, insalada caprese,  or handmade olive tapenade

Our Award-winning Handmade Meatballs w/ peperonata

“Falling Apart” Babyback Ribs w/ Morada Eats barbecue sauce

Mini Crabcakes in a lettuce wrap w/ tomato mustard coulis

Spicy Buffalo Chicken Wings 

w/ “The Bomb” blue cheese dressing and assorted veggies

Spanikopita – the Greek classic: spinach & feta in layered phyllo

(Vegetarian option)

Molded Salmon Mousse w/ Boudin baggette (serves 20-25)

Mini Carnitas Tacos w/ our renowned Salsa

Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps w/ Satay peanut sauce

Oysters Rockefellar – broiled w/ bacon, spinach, cheese & Pernod

Classic Shrimp Cocktail w/ handmade cocktail sauce

Bacon Wrapped Dates stuffed w/ blue cheese

Smoked Shrimp & Scallops w/ basil aioli dipping sauce

An Assortment of Mini Sandwiches on croissants

ham & gouda cheeseturkey w/cranberry corned beef w/ horseradish cream

Appetizer Caesar Salad w/ handmade croutons

Add grilled shrimp or chicken

A “Nibbler” Platter – cheese, olives, marcona almonds & grapes


Doug Seed

8436 Treasure Ave.; Morada CA; 95212

(209)931-9673  muchword@yahoo.com

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